Planning And Packing For A Stay In A Curacao Vacation Rental

Planning and Packing for a Stay in a Curacao Vacation Rental


Nadine Naarden

CURACAO, WILLEMSTAD Travelers planning their first Curacao vacations should consider making a checklist of important items to take. Nadine Naarden, manager of Curacao Bon Bini Rentals offers some suggestions for tourists who will be staying in one of the island s many rental homes instead of pricier hotels.

Clothing: Curacao vacations call for lightweight clothing that is appropriate for the activities tourists plan to enjoy. An extra swimsuit prevents days of damp swimwear. Flip flops and sandals are typical footwear in the Caribbean, but travelers will need slightly more dressy attire for nightclubs or casinos. Hikers will want sneakers to explore the trails and gardens. Except for the beach areas, Caribbean residents are more conservative, so tourists should plan to cover up a bit when shopping and dining out. (Caribbean countries generally forbid camouflage as well.)

Luggage: Rolling suitcases are an advantage when tourists find themselves carting luggage across an airport tarmac. Soft-sided suitcases are often lighter and can accommodate souvenirs for the trip home. Everyone should use a carry-on bag for necessary toiletries, medicines and even a set of clothes, in the event that luggage delivery is delayed. A carry-on bag can also be used as a beach bag during the stay.

Airline regulations: Airlines follow the Transportation Security Administration s 311 rule, which only allows travelers to carry liquids three oz. or less. Liquids should be packed in one clear, sealed quart-sized bag and only one per traveler. Medications have to be in original bottles, and it s a good idea to carry the prescription. The Transportation Security Administration and most airlines list specific details and other rules on their websites.


Documents: A passport, driver s license, airline tickets, confirmation of the Curacao vacation rental, traveler s insurance, credit cards and cash are essential. Travel documents should be kept together in a purse or exterior luggage compartment to facilitate security passage.

Sun protection: Many tourists wait to buy sunscreen on the island and then find that these products come at a premium price. Caribbean vendors have a ready-made market for tourist necessities, such as waterproof sunscreen, UV-protected sunglasses and lip balm, brimmed hats and aloe lotions. Residents rarely need the extra sun protection, so prices are high. Many rental homes furnish beach towels, but guests should inquire if they need to pack towels.

Health products: Nature-lovers will want bug spray for hiking and biking. Over-the-counter pain relievers, hand sanitizer, antibiotic cream, and stomach remedies for nausea or diarrhea are useful to have on hand.

Electronics: Prepaid phone cards can be less expensive than cell phone service in the islands. Most Curacao villas for rent provide wireless internet, so laptops are welcome. Travelers will likely want a camera, with extra memory cards, and chargers for any devices. Curacao s electrical outlets are 110-130 volts, but three-prong outlets are less common. Surge protectors should be used with sensitive electronic devices.

Waterproof bags: Plastic zip-lock bags are perfect for protecting cameras, watches, and purses on the beach; storing sunscreen and lip balm; packing wet swimsuits or carrying snacks.

Naarden and her staff at Bon Bini Rentals are experts at planning memorable Curacao vacations. The agency lists a variety of Curacao villas for rent across the island. Travelers who prefer ocean views, nature paths or a romantic setting will find a villa that meets their needs. Contact Bon Bini Rentals for assistance.

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Planning and Packing for a Stay in a Curacao Vacation Rental