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Submitted by: Chris Johansen

There are many good acting/talent agents in America; but when you are launching your acting career, good is simply not enough; you need to work with the best people in the industry in order to get far. Some of the attributes that my best acting agent has to have include being hardworking. A good agent shouldn t be one to just sit around; he should be hard working. This is a person who will help you get jobs so he needs to be very aggressive.

My best acting agent should be readily available to me. A good agent is one who can easily be reached by his client. In case of any crises, you as an actor/actress should be in a position to contact your agent to assist you.

Another quality that my best acting agent has to have is aggressiveness. A good agent doesn t have to rely on casting calls or just auditions. A good agent will go and see the casting directors and try to get their client a job. He/she will also foster good working relationships with the right people in the industry to help me get them ahead.


A great acting agent definitely needs to have good negotiation skills. An agent will be negotiating deals with studios on behalf of his clients. They have to be eloquent and business savvy in order to do this.

My best acting agent should be one with good communication skills. The agent is the person that will be representing the client at meetings with casting directors to try and get jobs. He/she needs to have great communication skills in order to successfully do this.

A good acting agent has to have good interpersonal skills and be able to work in a team. This is an industry that has different kinds of people; from casting directors, casting assistance, the camera crew, other actors/actresses and many more people. If your acting director doesn t have people skills, he could hurt your career by giving you a bad name and then people may not want to work with you.

My best acting agent should be someone with integrity; good work ethics and above all honest. There are so many people who try to get rich by running scams. They con innocent actors/actresses especially ones who are new in the industry. They steal from them and then abandon them. For instance, if you want to know that your agent is an honest person, he/she will not charge you drummed up fees such as consultation fees, registration fees, photo session fees or any other extra expenses. Mostly agents earn a commission from the acting jobs that they get you. This commission should not be too high; in America, the standard commission in normally 10% of your pay per job. The best acting agent is one who actually wants to see you succeed in your career and not one who just wants to exploit you for his/her own person gains. Remember, when hiring an acting agent, look for these qualities and this will help you in making the right decision.

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