An Estates Attorney In Sullivan, Indiana, Helps You Maintain Control Of Your Assets

byAlma Abell

Life is a series of uncertainties that can strike when least expected. In the event that one of these uncertainties leaves you incapable of making decisions, or worse, sees you deceased, you need to have protections in place. Taking the time to make out living wills, defining a power of attorney and disposal of your assets after your passing is the best way to retain control. Short of a court challenge, your assets are covered under a document that makes your wishes clear. Getting any of these aspects of estate management done is best accomplished with the help of an estates attorney in Sullivan, Indiana.

There are ways to maintain control over your destiny in the event that you are incapacitated, known as living wills or advance directives. If you do not want to be resuscitated or receive life-giving care that can alter your quality of life, you do so through an advance directive. This is a legally binding document that can be given to the medical facility that is seeing to your treatment, and effectively ends any attempts at prolonging your life. When a directive is provided, medical staff cannot go around your wishes and has to stop no matter what they think is best.

An estates attorney in Sullivan, Indiana, can also be of assistance with other forms of estate planning. If you’re not sure of how to handle your assets now and later, the attorney can guide you. There are options that include putting certain assets into trust for your heirs, or to allow you control over your assets that you put into the trust. These are otherwise known as trusts and revocable trusts. If you have assets you want your heirs to receive upon a certain age, a straight trust may be the way to go. Otherwise, a revocable trust allows you to access assets while ensuring that the remainder is gifted to your named heir.

None of these decisions are easy to make, but they do need to be made if you want to maintain control of your destiny and that of your assets. Talking to a lawyer about these issues can help you find peace of mind and gain a legal document that reflects your wishes. Click here to know more.